Partner Bios

Don Vitale
Managing Partner

Don has both domestic and international business experience with global companies such as Monsanto and 3M, prior to founding his own company—DESA International, a manufacturer of consumer good hardware products.  In 1998, he sold his interest in DESA and founded Manchester Capital, LLC.  Don serves on numerous for-profit boards of directors as well as various non-profit philanthropic organizations, including co-chairing two multi-hundred million dollar capital campaigns on behalf of Western Kentucky University.  He earned a Bachelor and Master’s degree in business from St. Louis University.


Linda Johnson Vitale, Ph.D.
Managing Partner

Linda began her career as an academic at Western Kentucky University (WKU) where she chaired the Information Systems Department in the business college.  In 2001, she founded a successful non-profit technology company (  In addition, she has worked on the Kentucky Governor’s staff as the Chief IT Strategist for the New Economy.  Linda serves on a number of for-profit and non-profit boards of directors including Computer Services, Inc. (CSVI) where she chairs the Audit Committee. She earned a Bachelor and Master’s degree in business from WKU and a Ph.D. in Computer Information Systems from the University of Kentucky.